Mobile Welding Services

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Mobile Welding Services.

IWF’s Mobile Welding Unit comes to you for welding, repairs and modifications. Our mobile capabilities also allow us to install, and do repair work at your site, on your terms. 

Integrity Welding and Fabrication’s mobile capability allows us to work on large, immovable objects.

IWF is frequently hired by local municipalities to assist with, and perform maintenance on Municipal Water Tanks, and associated supply systems. These services include cutting a door panel to provide access to interior structure for repairs, modifications and routine cleaning. After all maintenance is complete, IWF replaces the door panel, and performs any additional required alterations to the Water system. After the maintenance is completed, IWF will weld the door sheet back in place and have the welds x-ray inspected by a third party testing agency in order to certify structural integrity.

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